11th March 2020

An award-winning comedian, author, broadcaster and executive coach, Viv Groskop has formed an undeniable reputation as the UK’s leading expert in the art of public speaking. Through her book 'How to Own the Room' along with podcast under the same name, Viv has guided thousands of ambitious women on the art of public speaking and projecting confidence in the workplace.

Viv returns to The Gainsborough Bath Spa to present a masterclass following her latest book release 'Lift as You Climb', on owning your ambition - without losing your sense of self.

There are always difficult moments at work, times when we feel awkward, when our daily micro interactions make us uncomfortable, perhaps when we have to say no or assert ourselves in a way that makes us feel less like ourselves, less 'sisterly'.

Part self-help guide, part master class in survival skills for life and work, Lift as You Climb examines what sisterhood looks like these days, asks what you can do to make things better for other women and considers how to do that without disadvantaging yourself. The ultimate confidence bible for women who want to plan a career in a fast moving world, but without leaving anyone else behind.

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