Spa Village Bath integrates the treasured waters of Bath with private aquatic body therapies and classic treatments that focus on personalised aromatherapy, balancing the fine line between science and art. We invite you to select treatments, based on your needs or desires, from the following categories.

Services that are listed with a * symbol are considered heat treatments and are not recommended for guests who have heart conditions, suffer heat sensitivity, or are pregnant.


Ginger Renewal * (90 minutes)
Relax. To begin, minerals are combined with ginger's healing properties in an invigorating full body exfoliation. Followed by a pampering back, neck and shoulder massage with organic ginger oil and warm healing stones. Next, nourish and relax inside a warm cocoon while a luxurious foot and pressure point scalp massage complete this head-to-toe service.

Magnesium Remineraliser * (90 minutes)
Magnesium is an important mineral (best absorbed through the skin) responsible for promoting energy levels, sleep, circulation, metabolism and muscle movement. This relaxing therapeutic treatment helps to replenish commonly deficient levels. Body tissues relax and pores take in the vital minerals from the products. The treatment consists of a body scrub, massage and warm cocooned wrap.

Heavenly Neroli Blossom (90 minutes)
Its scent delicately sweet, honeyed and herbal, neroli is known as “the calm of angels wings”. Renowned for its euphoric and calming effects, this essential oil of the bitter orange blossom is employed to deeply nourish the skin and replenish the soul. We begin with mists of neroli hydrosol, and an invigorating eucalyptus foot ritual. A lymphatic dry body brushing follows with mineral packed compressions, blissfully culminating in a full body massage and peaceful cocoon with warmed fragrant neroli oil.

Eucalyptus Body Scrub (60 minutes)
Natural mineral rich salt combines with the invigorating power of eucalyptus and basil to uplift the senses in this two step full body scrub. Your traditional style scrub is enhanced with the use of the strigil, a cleansing and exfoliating beauty tool used in Roman times. Together, they leave the skin deliciously soft and supple.

Services that are listed with a * symbol are considered heat treatments and are not recommended for guests who have heart conditions, suffer heat sensitivity, or are pregnant.
Graceful Ageing Crystal Facial (90 minutes)
Our stunning age-defying signature facial supports regeneration of tissues and transforms your skin to a state of vitality and radiance. The cornerstone of this experience is the super- lifting 12 point marma massage utilising crystal wands to tone facial muscles and herb and gemstone infused oils to encourage stress relief. From beginning to end, this beautifully serene and aromatic experience is memorable and lingering. Divine for all skin types but particularly effective with lacklustre mature skin.

Celestial Light Facial (60 minutes)
A glowing complexion awaits you as your thirsty skin is brightened and replenished with this rejuvenating ISUN facial. Harnessing the power of antioxidant berries and herbs rich in polyphenols, pearl, vitamin C, CoQ10, and resveratrol, this experience targets hyperpigmentation, uneven texture and skin tone. Your skin is left with a divine youthful glow.

Gentlemen's Facial (60 or 90 minutes)
This high-performance organic facial is designed especially for the needs of gentleman’s skin melting away bodily and mental stress while softening signs of tension and ageing. Skin is deeply cleansed with an alpine fresh, hydratin cleanser, then softened and refined with an active enzymatic exfoliation mask and a mineralising scrub. Both mind and muscle are soothed with a robust scalp, neck and shoulder massage using an aroma herbal oil created just for men.

Bespoke Facial (60 or 90 minutes)
Tailored to your particular skin care needs, this customised facial addresses your skin concerns or desires with selected award-winning, high performance ISUN organic products. Whether to calm and soothe sensitive skin conditions, or to deeply cleanse, purify and treat blemished skin issues, your therapist will customise your facial to meet your needs and match your skin type.

Corrective Anti-Aging Facial by Kerstin Florian (60 or 90 minutes)
Designed to repair dermal damage and combat cellular ageing. Our intensive results-led correcting skincare facial employs the power of a 30% multi acid peel to specifically address signs of premature ageing, hyperpigmentation, texture, and congestion. For optimal results we recommended in a series of 3 or 6 treatments.
All aquatic body therapies are performed in the warmth of a 35.7°C thermal water pool.

Spa Village Bath Aquasana * (45 minutes)
This session brings classic yoga asanas to a whole new level. Suspended stretching is enhanced with gentle tai chi and invigorating karate movements to improve balance, mobility and flexibility. A unique full body workout that flows in the mineral rich thermal waters. Recommended for anyone able to take the waters for approximately 45 minutes. Group sessions or private sessions are available.

Freedom * (45 minutes)
Imagine having your body gracefully moved through the water supported by the firm able hands of a therapist. Imagine being dynamically stretched into a state of relaxation typically only experienced in the comfort of the womb. Now imagine all that happening in the therapeutic waters of Bath.
The Gainsborough Signature Massage (60 or 90 minutes)
We invite you to enjoy an unsurpassed level of calm in our enhanced classic full body Swedish massage. Enjoy mists of pure neroli water as feet are massaged with rosemary and pine essences and warm lavender infused towels are applied on the body to impart comfort in this relaxing massage.

Aromatherapy Massage (60 or 90 minutes)
Float away with specially designed aromatherapy massage. A bespoke blend of essential oils is crafted for you in a one-to-one session. Combined with a rhythmical technique designed to elicit the relaxation response, this massage is an ideal choice for anyone who wishes to reduce stress.

Nurturing Mum (60 or 90 minutes)
A special treatment for a precious time. Fully supported by pregnancy body cushions for comfort, this nurturing session begins with a full body massage. A specialized bump treatment is the highlight delivered with a citrus scrub, stretch mark serum and nourishing rose hip butter. Tired legs and feet get extra attention with tingling cooling relief gel of green tea and eucalyptus. All techniques and product ingredients are safe for mums-to-be after the first trimester.

Hot Stone Massage * (90 minutes)
Healing with stones is an ancient form of therapy used by various cultures throughout the ages. Massaging the body using smooth, heated basalt river rocks and Swedish massage techniques, the body deeply relaxes as the warm stones melt away the tension and stress. Reservations must be made at least 30 minutes prior to treatment.

Target Massage * (60 or 90 minutes)
Designed to release deeply held patterns of tension, our target massage allows our therapist to provide an individualised massage experience addressing these specific areas with a more focused, in-depth, and recuperative approach.
Bespoke Couple's Surrender (120 minutes)
Relax your senses. Breathe deep. Inhale the calming and balancing benefits of Wild Lavender in this completely uplifting and rejuvenating spa experience which includes a two-step invigorating full body scrub, a warm wrap, and a full body side by side massage including warm stones.

Wellness Day (Approximately 5 hours)
A full day of luxury wellness in the sanctuary of Spa Village Bath awaits you. This immersive journey embarks in the morning with a holistic consultation to gently guide the compass of your day. Begin with a private yoga session to open and awaken the body transitioning into the warm thermal waters to experience our renowned Freedom therapy. Following, melt away physical stress with our 60 minute Gainsborough Signature Massage, and your choice of any 60 minute facial. Full use of the Bath House provides a base throughout your day. Includes a nourishing spa lunch.

*Private Yoga
*Freedom Therapy
*Gainsborough Signature Massage
*Choice of any 60 minute facial
*Spa Lunch